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designed as DEEP-CYCLE batteries and have many uses. Everything from Off-road vehicles, UPS systems, orbiting satellite communication systems, emergency vehicles etc can use these batteries. Anything that uses batteries in a cyclic manor, benefits greatly from these batteries. Unusually for DEEP-CYCLE batteries, they are happy to produce large currents and so can also double as starter batteries. This allows the use of a single (deep-cycle) battery in a boat/car/generator/race vehicle, or one with auxiliary systems or equipment that runs when the engine is stopped. Also suitable for heavy winching situations where the battery is drained due to constant winching. This kind of treatment would mean very short battery life in the case of a "conventional" style battery. Some typical deep cycle, and dual uses: Off-road and Expedition Vehicles, Camping power supplies Alarm systems, emergency lighting Backup power systems Medical systems Emergency vehicles outfitted with lots of electrical equipment and need to start engines Cars with powerful sound Systems or entertainment Systems. Anything in fact that needs a Deep-Cycle operation or/and a starter battery 1.5 - 2 times longer life than traditional batteries Optimal power for starting regardless of temperature Extreme vibration resistance Long Storage times without damage or discharge Non spill able - even upside down Can be fitted and used in any position Maintenance free More starting power in a smaller package than conventional batteries Less deterioration due to deep discharge than conventional batteries More "cycles" before aging than conventional batteries Can be used in extreme temperatures Faster charging is possible compared with conventional batteries delivers high current regardless of temperature. SEALED, VIBRATION RESISTANT, AND LEAK PROOF EVEN WHEN BROKEN!

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